One Way or Another

Writing a book is like gestating a baby and I'm feeling Braxton Hicks contractions.

The birth is getting closer and I am swollen with the excitement of having my very first book published. My obstetrician is Black Inc Books, a wonderful independent Melbourne publisher.

For decades I'd dreamed of  fertilizing my little egg of an idea...I finally prepared a manuscript chronicling my years as a try-hard rock and roll hanger on....groupie..... or more acceptably - proactive fan. The eighties was such a wonderful time - a cleavage between two musical eras. Glam rock was moving toward grunge and the eighties got caught between them. Sexy. Buxom and bold. Australian music was free from the expectations of the rest of the world and so much unique work came out of this country.....most never leaving our Antipodean shores. Being a part of that world, even as a teenage fringe-dweller was exciting and the memory of places such as the Gold Coast's 'Bombay Rock and Sydney's 'Benny's', the 'Manzil Room' and 'Kardomah' will stay with me forever.

Getting a book published is really a tricky thing and I was lucky enough to find Sophie Hamley, a literary agent with Cameron Cresswell who acted as a go-between, negotiating a book deal for me.

The conception, that magical moment of possibility, came when Black Inc offered me a contract for 'One  Way or Another'. And then came the early trimester of intensive editing with Denise O'Dea. This was all new to me and such a fascinating process. Tweaking and sculpting my baby into shape.

The second trimester was fine tuning and choosing covers, finding endorsements and the like. Putting the finishing touches to my baby. The eyebrows, the definition, the personality.

Today I see my book listed in the 'forthcoming section' of Black Inc's website. We are getting ever closer to that big day - the birth - the official launch. I can feel 'One Way or Another', kicking impatiently, turning and hiccuping with excitement. It's a little like seeing a 3D ultrasound of the baby.

The next few months are a time of waiting and growing interest in the book. Talking to reps and booksellers. Letting all my friends know. Me, wallowing about drenched in anticipation.

The due date is April 2nd, 2012.

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