I soooo want to win an Academy Award one day. It's an obsession that has melted into my DNA so that I couldn't get over it, even if I wanted to. Seriously, if someone told me that there was no possible way I could ever win one because a crystal ball had told them so, I'd probably kill myself. It's that bad.

When I told my eight year old daughter that the Oscars were on this coming Monday, she asked me if I was nominated. My belief that I will win one is clearly contagious. I don't care what category I win in. As a child I assumed it would be for Best Actress, but I'm becoming less sure of that now. My late career change into a writer means I might win it for Best Screenplay. You know, it doesn't matter, so long as that golden statue is sitting on my mantelpiece sooner rather than later.

I shared the same acting agency as Russel Crowe....that's a tenuous connection. I've been filmed by Dean Semler who won a Best Cinematography Oscar for Dances with Wolves....a closer connection perhaps. I share a publisher with Diablo Cody (Best Screenplay Gold for Juno)...that's stretching things a bit. I was once friends with one of Nicole Kidman's friends.

 I can smell it, it's so close.

Four years ago I was homeless. Literally. I was living in a two room tent with my husband and three of my children...and I was depressed, overweight and drinking myself to death. I was feeling like my life was over. The thing that got me through that was my belief in my Oscar because I had once had a dream as a five year old girl that I was on a stage collecting one....and it felt so real that I woke up just knowing that it was my destiny. So from the gutter, I pulled myself up, found a house, got happy, did a law degree in record time, wrote a book, got shortlisted for a Queensland Premier's Literary Award and I am now just about to have that book out on the shelves. If I can go from homeless to here in less than five years....I give myself another five to get an Oscar.

I dare myself.

My tips for this 2012 Oscars

Best Actress... Meryl Streep.
Best Actor...George Clooney
Best Film ....that silent one.
Best Director.....Marty Scorsese

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