It's a small world after all......

I was trolling through real estate in New York City (online) and came across a charming Brownstone in Chelsea for the very decent price of four and a half million dollars.....small change....and while flicking through the photo display I found a portrait of someone I know hanging in their bathroom, above the toilet! How's that for coincidence?

This happens to me all the time and I think if you are attuned and listening to the life around you, you'll find it happens to you too. What you say? Eerie coincidences. Inexplicable coincidences. Fate stepping in to surprise you. There was that fairly ordinary book, The Celestine Prophecy some years back which spawned a rash of spin-offs. Why did it do so well? It wasn't brilliant writing,,,it was the fact that it touched a nerve and tried to give some explanation for something we often have no explanation for. Eerie coincidences. They happen all the time...really.

Is there some synchronicity at work behind the scenes?

I like to think so. I think it comes down to the fact that life on this planet, including the actual planet, is one energy force that we are all a part of. We are cells in a much greater organism not even able to comprehend the whole that we are part of. I think whacky coincidences are a glimpse of that greater connection. True enlightenment and peace will only be possible when we realise that we are all interrelated....plants, animals, all races, minerals, water, air.....everything. Hate and war and cruelty are like cancers and will eventually kill the entire body.

And that is my Yoda message of the day. Treat everything you meet today - cat, dog, table, chair, irate cab driver, short-changing check-out chick, arsehole neighbours, friends, lovers and children as an extension of yourself and know that their happiness means  your happiness.

Look at the coincidences that appear in your life and try to read what they are telling you. I think the coincidence of finding a familiar face above the loo in that New York Brownstone was a sign that I must buy it and live if my message has been helpful to you...rush out and buy my book, 'One Way or Another' in all good bookstores in Australia and NZ and on itunes and kindle for the rest of you. At about $2 a book in royalties  I need to sell an awful buy a couple for your friends.

It's a coincidence that you are reading this blog! Think about it!!!!

Peace out
Guru Nik

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