My Wish List

A friend and I were discussing the merits of certain male celebrities recently and we each came up with a wish list. As an old groupie, I am reminded of my youthful days when I set about turning my wish list into reality. I did a good job of that and tumbled about with musicians from Duran Duran, INXS and Australian Crawl. I really did have a list and set about bedding my chosen rock-stars. It was an interesting hobby.

Now, my wish list is just that...a wish list and I have no intention of hunting down these poor blokes for a good time. I am very happily married and completely faithful. But a girl can dream.........

1. Sasha Baron Cohen.
He has just been a recent addition to my list and went straight to number one. A sense of humour is the key to my heart. There is nothing sexier than a funny man and this bloke is funny. I particularly like an irreverently funny man. Sasha has just pipped Jack Black off top spot because in addition to being hilarious, Sasha is also gorgeous. Tall...I do like tall men even though I am quite ridiculously short. He is dark-haired and has a killer smile. He is also Jewish and I have met some pretty lovely Jewish men over the years and so, although running the risk of stereotyping, I think I'm rather partial to a Jewish man.

2. Jack Black.
I love this cuddly fellow. Again, he has a sense of humour and he can rock out something fierce. He would be endlessly entertaining. He too has a lovely smile and he looks like someone I could snuggle up to on a Sunday morning.

3. Nicholas Cage.
He used to be number one but his shenanigans of late suggest that he is an arrogant tosser. I won't hold that completely against him though, because he is gorgeous, intense and hilarious. I'm not sure that he is hilarious deliberately but just for 'The Vampire's Kiss' I love this man.

4. Jack White.
Of White Stripes fame, this Jack is just so cute I could eat him with a spoon. I love his voice, his songs, his boyish smile. I don't know if he's funny but I suspect he is...the squirrel song is pretty amusing.

5. Barrack Obama.
He's just so clever and cute. I don't know if he's funny but I think I could make him giggle!

6. Kevin Rudd.
It's that smile and laugh. He's viciously ambitious and can pull off a swear word with aplomb.

7. Johnny Depp.
I don't need to explain myself here.

8. Owen Wilson
The voice. The sparkle in his eyes. He's funny and a great writer. A bit naughty, which is always good and he's got some interesting issues.

9. Rod Stewart
He's getting a bit on these days but he still has that certain something. He is a funny chap, sexy and has a gravelly voice that is like audio-foreplay.

10. Ricky Gervais.
Smile. Humour. Intelligence. I would enjoy his company immensely and I think he's cute.

That's my wish list as it stands.

Just felt like sharing that.

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