One Perfect Day........

I was reading an article recently, about what a successful, happy person's day looks like. Apparently there are certain things we can do to help ensure an amazing life on a daily basis. It's not a new concept in 'positive thinking' culture to suggest that we visualize what a perfect day might look like for us and then set about trying to live it.

After reading more blogs on the idea of a perfect day, I sat down today to paint my own and then I compared it with reality. I married my own fantasies with the daily traits of successful people.

1. I would be in New York....Upper West apartment near Central Park.
( I am in suburban Brisbane in a creaky house with a swamp for a back yard)
2. I would do some long stretches/yoga and breakfast on a freshly squeezed carrot, apple and celery juice, followed  by an egg-white omelette with wilted spinach.
(I fall out of bed and scream at everyone to get ready for school while sucking down milky teas...four or five in a row and then have three slices of plain toast.) And a latte.
3. I get everyone out the door.
(I get everyone out the door).
4. I work at home and have a nice warm shower and settle down in my office.
(I go back to bed and think about whatever project I am writing about)
5. I check correspondence and begin work.
(Eventually when it warms up I do get up and check emails and begin to tap some words but I get distracted by any number of household chores.)
6. I do productive work making sure I prioritize. Creative fulfilling work.
(I go shopping for things I don't need from bargain thrift shops)
7. Eat a healthy lunch of protein and salad.
(Leftovers or a quick sandwich)
8. Go for a nice long walk.
(Sit on facebook for a while)
9. Have quality family time around the dinner table.
(I cook three different things for fussy eaters and we eat it all over the house while watching mindless television.)
10. Evaluate the day and check off  things achieved.
(Drink too much wine and fall asleep feeling like I drifted a little bit backwards in the achievement stakes today.)

Clearly I need to get my act together if I want to win an Academy Award and become mindlessly wealthy while juggling a successful writing/acting career and a sane family. I need to make some changes.

Scientists have suggested that it takes 30 days to form a new habit (With willpower) Small changes gain momentum and just by deciding to overhaul your life you begin to set positive changes in motion. So I have decided to start tomorrow morning. I will get an early night so that I might wake up refreshed and I will plan ahead. I'm not in New York but they say you have to fake it until you make it so I will pretend I am in NYC. If my house was in the Upper West it would be worth a fortune. Funky, three bathrooms and four bedrooms. A renovated kitchen. Close to public transport and shops and close to the CBD. I'll sit down tonight and write a set of goals. I'll get healthy food ready and the exercise tights out. I will be nice to everyone for a whole day. I will read motivational books and listen to soulfully uplifting music. Everything I do I will do as well as I can with a positive attitude of gratitude.

I will ban facebook for a day and not let  myself go near my bed all day. I will not wear p'j's all day and I will produce at least four thousand words on my new blockbuster.

Tomorrow is the 11th. I am determined to become a powerful success machine in the next thirty days.

Believe. Conceive. Achieve. Bring it on..........

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