School's back!

The school holidays are over and I have the house back to myself. It is quiet. I am waiting to see whether the teenager will be sent home from school for having bright orange hair. It is far from regulation and is very 'Mad Hatter' but I've given up fighting the crazy boy. If he wants to look like a tamarin monkey, who am I to stop him?

I forgot to put money in the tooth jar for the seven year old who lost a front tooth last night but he knows the tooth fairy is a myth and thus just helped himself to my wallet, so that was only a minor hiccup in an otherwise quite smooth morning.

So after four school lunches and a fry up of beans and sausages, I can sit down with a cup of tea and plan my day.

1. Go back to bed to meditate or just finish that last hour of sleep that I missed.
2. Morning green tea and clean house.
3. Tracy Anderson work-out dvd (yeah right)
4, Write two thousand words.
5. Lunch - big healthy colourful salad.
7. Nana nap.
8. Write two thousand words.

1. Just go back to bed and sleep all day.

There really is no contest. It's been a long two weeks and I've earned a little rest.


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