The Postcard Tour

All my life I have been an avid collector of postcards, those little rectangular, colourful cards with exotic scenes and finger flipping comments on the back like 'wish you were here' to which I always thought 'stuff you! I wish I was there too but only if you were here. Thanks for rubbing it in.' And I would ever-so-breifly hate the sender for reminding me that there is a big world out there that I haven't seen.

Due to one thing or another, maybe raising five children, twelve years of which was on my own, maybe just because I was always struggling with this or that, I haven't traveled all that much. Well....I've done Australia. I've trudged over her length and breadth with an Akubra atop my head and a Crocodile Dundee attitude. And I sent postcards to those I was pleased weren't on the various trips with me.

I tipped my collection of hundreds and hundreds of postcards all over the bed the other day and categorized them into continents. What I noticed is that although my friends and family are globe-trotting more than ever, the postcards have dried up. I think that's because I can talk to them on Facebook, seeing up to the minute photos. I can almost live their journeys in a virtual sense. That really just makes me more discontent and miserable but it seems our online life has killed the innocent charm of receiving a heavily, foreign stamped postcard in the little metal postbox down the front garden path.

I had a sudden idea. All those postcards said 'wish you were here' so I will honour their wishes and go to every destination on the cards and replace the postcard at the exact spot where the front photograph was taken. I will call it my Postcard Tour. I can start when I head into town this afternoon, as I have a postcard from Brisbane that someone sent me in 1982.  Actually, better still, I'll send the postcard back to the person who sent it with the tag - 'So, I'm here. Where are you?' If I've lost contact or the person is dead, I'll send it anyway. When it ends up at the dead letter office, that will be somehow appropriate. But if I can track down actual addresses that will be more supremely creepy!

This has now become my new bucket list.

To visit and replace every postcard in my collection. Perhaps I should pitch that to a documentary team so that they can follow and film (and fund) the trip!

So begins a unique journey...the Postcard Tour. I clearly have too much time on my hands.....

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