Up, up and away........

Okay. I have been in winter schlumpiness for too long and today, being Monday, is the time to shake off all malaise and become a highly effective human being. I have started the day by snuggling my seven year old son while he pitched a kids book to me. It's called, 'Poop' and is an educational exploration of faeces... Written by me and illustrated by him. He wants a brown cover. He will draw goat pellets, manure, guano and soft serve dog-poop piles. We will explore the various ways people have disposed of poop through eras and cultures and discuss the differences between meat-eaters and vegetarian poops. It's a magnificent idea. But that was only the start of my day.

By seven I was busy with breakfast.

A smoothie made of -
Maca Powder (super food with pure cacao)
Almond milk
Raw egg
Dollop of super yoghurt
Sprinkle of ground flaxseeds
Teaspoon of brewer's yeast.
Two drops of stevia

Hahahahahahahaha. Who am I????

I plan now to write five thousand words - today. No facebook for distractions (I'll just check in now and then not again until tonight).
I have Tracy Anderson on the screen ready to put me through a mid-morning torture session of exercise. I will have a post lunch walk to the post office to send my book to an Adelaide radio guy. I will buy some weights because I am starting a twice a day weight routine that I read about on the weekend.

A cool shower while I wash my hair with Argan oil and rub safflower into my skin. A Manuka Honey face mask and some light meditation.

If I can pull this off I am truly wonderwoman.

I'm already hungry but I am telling myself that is just my body's gentle way of teling me that it is beginning to eat itself. And there is plenty to go around.

Man, even the teenager got out of bed and was out the door by eight.

Today is truly the first day of the rest of my life. Things are looking up....now if someone would just offer me a contract for any one of the four books I have in various publishers hands, my day would be complete. That or an offer of a film option on my memoir, a royalty cheque or a lotto win and my day would be completely completed.

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