Morphing into Stepford Wives.....

I've been watching television recently (I don't do that all that often) and I am horrified to see so many women morphing into the same plastic Stepford Wife. The frozen faces, unnatural lips and high cheek bones. Waves of blonde hair. Impossibly uncomfortable torture devices on their feet (shoes are beginning to resemble weapons of mass destruction). Anorexic bodies. And no doubt the obligatory fifties housewife chemical addiction. Women are more obsessed with their looks than ever before. It is like a disease. Far from being liberated, women are more trapped by the shallow judgments leveled at them than ever before.

When Hilary Clinton foregoes the make-up it makes international headlines. Julia Gillard's bum is as newsworthy as her views on climate change. Demi Moore is broken-hearted....lets focus on how that has affected her 'looks'. Lindsay Lohan is a hopeless addict....lets focus on how that has affected her 'looks'. Kate Middleton is too thin. That horrid Kardashian chick is too fat. We don't want to see pictures of celebrities' babies...we want to see pictures of their post-baby bodies! We've gone completely mad.

We are endorsing and encouraging the view that women are dolls and we are doing so to the point that we are in fact becoming production-line plastic things. The smooth faces, the glossy hair, the impossible bodies....despite the so-called liberation of women we are moving more and more toward a 'Barbie' world than ever before. We are not free. Women are slaves to fashion and beauty. Grey hair is a sin. Fat bottoms are unacceptable. Wrinkles are the devil. Shave every last disgusting hair from your body, except your head. Walk on stilts that will destroy you feet. Don't eat anything. And if all that isn't enough the latest craze is genital cosmetic surgery. Plump up those pillows and snip off anything too droopy. Tighten it up. Bleach it. For Christ-sake where will it end?

To my eye the sexiest thing in the world is health and happiness. A happy, healthy person looks good, not freakishly alien. I don't think injecting botulism into your face is healthy. I don't think starving yourself is a good idea either.

Life is short. We all look like crap when we're dead....I like to find healthy, natural alternatives to cosmetic surgery. Take Co-Enzyme supplements and eat a lot of greens. Exercise. Lots of sex. Laughter and good friends. How bizarre must it be to be addicted to beauty to the point that you and your friends are all beginning to look like clones and you can't afford to laugh in case you rupture something and your face falls off. Soft boobs feel nicer than rocks. Stretchmarks are ticklish. Laughter lines are beautiful and genitals are there to be experienced and felt  not to be framed and hung on the wall.

There is real beauty in nature so we should try to abort this trend of morphing women into plastic freaks. Enough!

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