The violent world.

I am sitting at my home office looking at a battalion of emergency services vehicles. Blue and white checked cop cars, ambulances and paramedic cars. This is a quiet, middle-class, comfortable and conservative suburb. It feels strange to see these ominous blots on my neat-lawned, hedge-trimmed landscape.

Straining to see what is going on, I spy a policeman making his way to my front door and I race to throw clothes over my early morning frumpy flannels ( and a smudge of lipstick on my lips). The handsome copper explains that the poor elderly gentleman in the little house across the way has been violently assaulted and has serious head injuries. He was randomly assaulted by someone who walked through his door looking to rob him. I was home at the time, talking to my son on the phone and couldn't assist the police with their inquiries. I saw nothing at all.

I feel sick to the stomach and wonder what this world is coming to. Nine o'clock on a Monday morning in suburbia, minding your own business in your own house and someone just wanders in and clobbers you over the head with a metal pole or some-such. Crikey.

I just rang my son back and he reminded me that I had mentioned that I heard a weird noise in my back-yard at that time and thought a tree branch may have fallen. I am going to investigate now as someone may have thrown something into my yard....

Too close to home. I detest all violence - from cruelty to animals to war. I don't smack my kids. I cry when I hear of innocent teenagers being glassed or king hit while out at night. My children are gentle and peace-loving and I would never forgive any man or woman who raised a hand to me or any other. There is no excuse.

I hope my neighbour makes a full physical recovery and I hope they catch the miserable asshole who did this. The poor man will live with fear and nightmares for a long time to come, I am sure.

I have locked my doors for the first time today while I am working at home. I've never felt the need to do that. That's a loss of innocence and it makes me very, very sad.

Peace out.

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