Fish and Bicycles......

Now I don't want to sound sexist but I've been pondering this question. Do we really need men? Live with them, live without them, or do away with them altogether? I admit that does sound a bit sexist but stay with me on this. Scientists have announced that they can make sperm in a laboratory. This monumental breakthrough has not even made the can't get past the male editorial barrier and let's face it - it's the sort of news that might create a general panic. Synthetic sperm can be made from embryonic stem cells! When I try to discuss this with friends they invariably scoff that it's probably just scientific hype or make jokes like 'I bet it would taste better, too. It could come in all sorts of flavours!'

But jokes aside what would it mean to the human race if women could pick up some sperm from the local supermarket (free turkey baster thrown in)? It would certainly make the blokes a bit nervous. I think it would settle the battle of the sexes once and for all and throw our society very quickly into a state of matriarchy and would that be such a bad thing? Men could do all there warmongering on Playstation and let us settle international disputes the way they should be - with words. Because all the development psychologists tell us that women have better linguistic skills. The drama in Israel would not be happening if women were in charge. That's a fact.

If we were running the joint the way the Bonobo monkeys do, we'd make love not war.

It's an interesting situation....of course this synthetic sperm has not yet been used to create a human child....but if and when they do make a synthetic's something to think about. It could make men redundant but a world without Brad Pitts and George Clooneys would be a little bit bland. While we all know that a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle - it's still nice to have them around. We don't need men....we simply like chocolate.

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