Today I am thinking about friendship. Yesterday I caught up with a girlfriend I hadn't seen for more than twenty years. She hadn't changed a bit. If anything she was more beautiful, more fun and it was truly as if no time had passed. That's a real friend. When you can take up a thread of conversation after twenty years without missing a beat, you realise how much 'time' really is an abstract concept.

Friends are those who share the deepest belly laughs and feel your pain as their own. They are people you can drop your guard for. In life, you'll meet a lot of people but when you find a real friend, it's like stumbling across buried treasure.

To the wonderful friends in my life I say thank-you. You are the lifeboats that keep me afloat when I feel like sinking and buoy me up with your insane cackling.

Friends. The family I get to choose. Much love. xxxxxxxx

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