Post New Years Resolutions

Okay. I had grand plans for 2013 and I still do. Unfortunately (or fortunately) the first half of January was a blow out. A hang-over from 2012. But that is to be expected after Christmas and New Year. If you brake too suddenly you'll get whip-lash!

But we're well and truly into the new year and I'm ready to rock and roll the health kick thing.

Had my thirtieth school reunion last week end (30??? 30???). I had been warned by others that a 30th would be depressing because everyone would look so old and unrecognizable. I was pretty darn self-conscious about being judged against that teeny weeny teenager I once was.

But I was actually pleasantly freaked out by how little anyone had changed. In fact, most looked a darn sight better with thirty years under their belt. It showed me how little a few lines around the eyes or cuddle padding mattered. We were all the same spunky adolescents we once were but with a knowing glint in our eye that comes from living and a smile that says....we made it. Life gets better as you get older. I believe that!

So now that the insane wine head-ache from that shindig is over, I am ready to boot camp my arse into shape.

Started this morning. Up at six. Power walk. Chilli and garlic egg-white omelette and green tea for brekkie. Did an upper body weights session with a buddy, followed by a cold shower (alone).

I will now bang out an article for somewhere and begin my new book, having just jetted off my latest manuscript to my agent. No point agonizing over its fate....I'll just focus on the next project....either a Dan Brown, theological thriller or a Stephen King, femme horror. I shall meditate on that now. Playing God or the Devil? Hmmmm.

I will set the goal of writing four thousand words a day. It's school holidays so that may be a stretch but as I say to the kids....'If Mum's tapping, don't come a'yapping.' They know to leave me alone when I'm hunched over the laptop like a possessed creature, fingers burning a trail of steam as I hammer out words like Morse Code.

I'm going to exercise like Madonna, eat super foods like some guru on a mountain-top and write like a mad woman. I've got seven seeds of stories that I'd like to plant this year. That's some ambitious gardening.

'Early to bed, early to rise, write like the devil and advertise!' That's my motto for 2013.

And hence....when the fortieth school reunion comes around (God help us...not really sure about that one)....I'll still be able to kick up my heels and enjoy the company of great mates.  

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