The Emerging Writer 2013

Well it's that time of year again...when the fabulous Emerging Writers Festival publishes an anthology of articles and essays by writers for emerging writers. This year's book is filled with great ideas for all kinds of writers. Learn about the bread and butter stuff like negotiating contracts and how to get paid writing gigs, to the more whimsical stuff like how to catch that wave of inspiration and how to deal with writer's block. And this year, there I am writing alongside the great and powerful likes of John Birmingham, Alice Pung,  Shaun Tan and Charlotte Wood....

I was really chuffed to be included in this year's collection and wrote a piece entitled The Memoir: Inside and Out. The editor, a fine fellow who goes by the name of Andre Dao, was kind enough to let me share this extract from my contribution....I drew on the experiences and recollections of fellow memoirists Benjamin Law and Kate Holden to bolster my argument that it is a pitfall of writing memoir that you can unwittingly become more readily identified with the character of your book (your younger more foolish self) rather than the writer, the mind behind the pen.

The book is a must have for anyone wanting to take the leap and become that elusive and often misunderstood creature - the author.

Click here for the opening snippet of my piece as a teaser.....

Here's a link to the book. Buy it. Go on.


  1. Nikki,

    Interesting to read of the thoughts behind your EWF book piece. It's something I've already done for my own one - haven't posted it yet though, as it's far too long and needs work.

    By the way, I'm thinking of launching a kind of one-off book club for the EWF Book next Thursday (13/6). 36 writers, 36 days. The idea would be to highlight one piece on my blog each day (starting from the 1st one in the book) and include the thoughts of the writer behind the piece. I'd encourage everyone to read THAT piece that day, and add their thoughts in the comments.

    Would you like to contribute a few sentences (or more) to your 'day' Nikki?

  2. Sure would, Gabe. Great idea. email me to get further into


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