Book Release book is in libraries and book stores....and I know at least one person has bought it because it was me. I couldn't help myself. I had to fork over thirty bucks but it was worth it just to say..."that's me....that's my book"  to the guy behind the counter at Dymocks in Carindale. My teenage son was with me and was a bit mortified but he should just get over it. I am his mother and I am meant to embarrass him.

Of course I went straight to another book store and found it there as well...but it was way up the back of the store so I took a copy and put it at the front on the shelf with 'The Hunger Games' where it might get noticed.

Publicity is just beginning and I never did get around to losing that last ten kilos...or manage to get Botox or any other number of self-improving things I had planned to do....

Looking forward to my book launch on April 20.

I think I might get a megaphone and do some spruiking outside bookstores. The weird thing is...I have looked forward to this day for thirty years, having always dreamed of having a book published and I thought I would feel....well.....different and somehow fantastic and the truth is....I just feel the same. It's a little bit anti-climactic.  

I'm still lounging around at home, tapping words on a computer, doing the housework, cooking the dinner...I guess I'll open some champagne and book is on the shelves..but until I sell millions and millions of is going to stay pretty much the same, except for the odd interview where a journalist asks you how many rockstars you've slept with......yes that did happen to me today. I wanted to say five and half thousand...but I didn't....and I haven't.  The truth is somewhat more conservative.

So book out. home from school driving me nuts....just another day really.

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